Kitchen Fire Suppression


Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Newcastle

Fire poses a significant risk to commercial kitchens, particularly in restaurant and hotel environments. As well as the potential health and safety threat to employees, fires can severely impact businesses. For example, it is widely reported that 80% of businesses that are affected by fire either never re-open or fail within 18 months. It is therefore integral that clear safeguards are put in place to ensure both people and the building remain safe, and business operations experience minimal disruption.

A kitchen fire suppression system is a specialised fire protection system designed specifically for use in commercial kitchens. These systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires that may occur in cooking appliances, such as ranges, fryers, and grills.

Find out how LJM Fire Install, Maintain and Repair Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems across Newcastle:

Ansul R-102 Ansul R-102 Scotland Jactone PAFSS




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